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Inipi - The Sacred Sweat Lodge

Sweat lodge ceremonies have been performed since ancient times. Not only do they have a tremendous healing effect on the physical body, once cleansed and purified in the sacred sweat lodge, many people experience a strong spiritual connection. The lodge serves as a water reflection for us, and we are allowed to see ourselves more clearly. Confronting the deepest part of who we are, we reap the benefits of opening our spirit, heart, eyes, and mind. Three Feathers offers a non-traditional sweat lodge that incorporates many different traditions and customs. We welcome all participants, no matter their tradition or background.
The Inipi Ceremony that utilizes the four major tangible powers of the universe: earth, water, fire, and air. The lodge, itself, symbolizes the womb of Mother Earth. The stones used to heat the lodge have been bathed in the Celestial fire as they were heated in the sacred fire pit. When they are brought into the lodge to help create the cleansing steam, they represent the masculine seed and impregnate the lodge to bring it to its full potential. The holy water used on the rocks represents the Sacred Feminine and is the catalyst that engages the sacred fire within the physical body. As participants leave the lodge they are reborn into the dreams they have manifested in the lodge. The Sacred Sweat Lodge is a place for purification all the way down to the physical level of negative emotions, healing of physical ailments, clearing of mental concerns, and releasing of spiritual blocks.

Key Benefits

Because of the physically engaging nature of this fire ceremony, prayers and intentions expressed in the lodge are able to be expressed down to the cellular level.  This fire ceremony also awakens the ancient knowledge encoded in your DNA, making your intuitive wisdom readily available to you in a very tangible way. 
The sweat lodge is a healing lodge.  Physical symptoms of many stress related diseases are eased and peace of mind is restored.  A renewed outlook and a clearer healthier body are the happy result.

Health Issues:

During the sweating process the body is cleansed of undesirable toxins. Bacteria and viruses cannot survive at temperatures much higher that 98.6 degrees. The rise in temperature also stimulates the endocrine glands and facilitates the release of negative ions into the air, inducing relaxation, alertness, and for many, visions. NOTE: If you have any health issues, they need to be brought to the attention of the Lodge Leaders prior to going into the sweat. Sweating can be very beneficial to the body, but there are certain precautions that may need to be taken or you may need to sit in a certain place in the lodge. If you have high blood pressure and/or are taking any medication for this condition, it may not be appropriate for you to participate inside the lodge (You may do the ceremony outside the lodge.). Many medications prevent the body from sweating and thus the body will overheat with no way of natural cooling. This can be very dangerous.
Tribal customs vary in regard to admitting women on their moon (menstruation) cycle into the lodge. Three Feathers welcome women any time. It has been found that the sweat addresses special concerns of women before and during their moon cycles, including alleviation of some of the cramping pain during menstruation and removal of excessive water caused by retention of sodium. Following childbirth, the sweat relieves aching muscles and cleanses the body.

What to bring

Towel to dry off with
Something to wear to "sweat" in.  For women, a loose fitting cotton dress, loose fitting t-shirt and shorts or swimming suit.  For men, shorts or swimming trunks.
Clothes to change into after the lodge
Drinking water
A gallon jug of water for rinsing off afterwards
A vegetarian dish for potluck
Towel or blanket to sit on

Reservations Required

* Sweat Lodges are open to students and Butterfly Goddess participants only.  General public must request reservations in advance.


Suggested Love Offering of $20 or more.


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